intro message

Want to join us ?

Interested in releasing music on quikphix? Great! Please read this first.

We’re currently interested in releasing techno, acid, dub techno, and related genres. Other styles such as ambient and IDM are welcome, but are not currently our focus. House, trance, and synthpop are not things we have much interest in, unless they fall pretty far outside what you’d expect in those genres. Take a listen to some of our recent releases to get an idea of what we like.

We’re happy to release anything good that comes our way but we’re especially after people who’d like to make regular contributions, rather than just a one-off release.

Please send links and not attachments. If you need a place to upload files, take a look at music-sharing sites like Soundcloud or Bandcamp, or try file hosting sites such as MediaFire or MegaUpload.
Email submissions (or any questions) to, with the words “quikphix submission” included in the subject line.